Where are you going after you die?

“What you think is what you are” is the very common spiritual law because we are essentially a spiritual being in the other world. A body is just a suit for the soul. After we die, we return to the real world where we are just an energy. Without physical body we can form yourself whatever you want. In other words, what you think is what you are in the other world.

If you think you are young, you will become a young person, or if you think you are a high rank monk, you look like as you are in the real world.

However, due to an inertia in your mind, it is not so easy to think the ideal figure of you suddenly. Usually, what you had thought in this world remains in your mind after you died. It means after you died what you had thought in your mind would determine your appearance and circumstances you go.

For example, if you live here isolated from society as a lonely person, you would go to the world that you are in a hole digged in the ground alone. It is called “Dochu” hell in Japanese. Recently, this type’s hell has been increasing because people don’t communicate face to face, rather they play and live alone in their room like an “Otaku”.

In addition to this type of hell, it looks like new types of hell have been created by the new types of thoughts that have been appearing in the complicated and complex modern age.

To make matters worse, they don’t recognize they are in the hell. They don’t care it. If you had been in the competition with others while you were living in this world, you would go to the hell that you always fighting others. What you thought and what you did are very important after you die in the spiritual world. As matter of fact, they determine the place to exist after death.

While living in here on earth you can tell where you are going if you check what you are thinking always. If you always think negative things, you will go to the negative world. If your mind is always calm and peaceful, you are going to such a world.

That’s why we need a reflection that controls what kind of condition you have in your life.

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