Living on the Planet of Love

Seventy three years ago, today and just right now 8:17 lam was a time when at the Hiroshima city the little boy was dropped. Suddenly about hundred thousand of people were killed by that.

I was not living at that time, as I don’t know anything about detail of it, most of the people in Japan don’t know about it, just heard or learned about it in schools as one of terrible histories of Japan.

It is now all Japan high school baseball championships is hold in the Koshien baseball stadium from yesterday, we have the day two started at 8:00 am in the morning. I don’t know still we have, but when I was young, this day August 6th at 8:17 am, we had a silent prayer for those who lost their lives by Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Also today just right now I heard the city announcement through a big speaker telling about suggesting a silent prayer.

I checked the wikipedia about the Hiroshima atomic bomb and I saw the picture of mushroom cloud. It was awful. Surprisingly enough it was not translated into English.

Anyway now we have hundred times more powerful than the little boy that exists more than ten thousand around the world.

Of course nobody can use them, once we use them we destroy ourself.

We are not such crazy humans. Rather we need more wisdom and love to live peacefully together on this planet. We are earthlings wherever we came from. Now let us awaken to the enlightenment that we are earthlings living on the planet of LOVE under the faith of God of earth.

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