A Wedge of Despair

I read a story about a devil who was closing his business by selling his tools that he used to use. In his store he said to a customer “Hey buddy, you have a good taste. This is the most useful tool that I had ever used in my business. It is called “a wedge of despair”. Once you stab it into anyone’s heart, you can do anything easily after you did it.” That was a devil’s last sales talk.

If you cannot embrace any hope in your mind, you cannot get energy to do something for your future. Losing passion is the most critical and avoidable thing for our life. Conversely, if you failed in love, business, examination, demotion, divorce, bankruptcy and so on, still you have a hope, you can recover your life. You can stand up again.

However, if you had lost hope for the future, you would be completely devastated then would not to be able to walk again.

Hope is very necessary for our life always. Hope can defeat your setbacks. Hope can cut off your fear. Hope can give you the power to continue to fight against even your fatal destiny.

Spiritually, as this devil said, if you lost your hope, you would become a condition of depression that you are spiritually very ill giving a chance to be possessed by evils and devils.

We have to avoid such a situation by having a hope in our mind. If you could do it, you are safe and soon or later you could be away from such a critical situation.

I know it is not easy if you are in the middle of sorrow or sadness. In that case I try not to be falling into deep by controlling my mind. Even I cannot think of any hope in my mind, in that case, I try to keep my feeling not to be down too much. Try to think different things. Try not to think seriously about my situation. That is one of the ways to avoid to be of disappointment.

Let us not to be disturbed by a devil who try to pierce his most powerful tool named “a wedge of despair”!