四苦八苦, this word is known by almost every Japanese, it pronances “Shiku Hakku”. That means to struggle or have a hard time. In English it is called “Four Pains and Eight Pains”.

What is the “Four Pains and Eight Pains”? Four pains are birth, aging, illness and death.

What is the “Eight Pains”? They are, including the four pains, other four pains are “You meet with people you dislike”, “You part from you love”, “You cannot all you want” and “Your worldly desires blaze furiously”.

Buddha said no one escapes from these four pains and eight pains. What do you think? It is true, isn’t it.

A pain of birth is, actually you don’t remember but we had been in a mother’s womb for almost ten month with fear and anxious.

Aging is very painful for everyone including me now. I feel it very much right now. I used be so energetic that I could do almost anything I want.

Maybe you are the same. You were so beautiful that you could attract a lot of people. You were so smart that you could remember everything, but now forget easily. You were so active, now not so much.

Aging is so painful but inevitable. Stains and wrinkles are increasing in my face that used be a very smooth and no such things were around on my face. Since I believe in the existence of the next life, I am not afraid of dying as much as other people doing. A death is one of phases to encounter in the life for me. Still it is not easy to accept but aging is real-time thing that I have moments that I have to confirm I have gotten old.

Aging is my worst enemy that I cannot defeat right now.

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