Amazing Come-Back!

Now, it is very exciting in Japanese High School Baseball Championship in the Koshien Ballpark located in Kobe. It is one of very popular events in the hot summer in Japan. Moreover, what is special in this summer? The “Koshien Championship” is 100th anniversary this year. It has been continued for over hundred years since it started 1915 missed two times during the WWII.

Most of baseball stars and legends have been born from this place.

I remember the “idols” who induced a whirlwind throughout Japan almost thirty years ago. His name is Daisuke Araki who stood the pitcher mound of the Koshien even he was a freshman in his high school age. His looks were so attractive that he became a big star like an idol in those days in Japan. His name “Daisuke” became a number one name of babies in those ages.

When he graduated from high school, he was drafted to Yakult Swallows and had played as a professional baseball pitcher.

He attracted attention from all over Japan, but he could not meet their expectations much. Even worse he got injured in his elbow. That brought the surgery. After that he started a practice so early so he had to take another one in the next year. Made it worse, he got a bad back, totally he had spent over four years to recover from his injuries.

After all, he stood at the mound again for the first time in 1547 days.

What a strong heart he had! When I read this story, I couldn’t imagine how much he suffered from his “cursed destiny”. He used to be a national star in his high school age. However, in the professional age he couldn’t establish his status as much as he had golden ages in high school. Eventually he couldn’t throw a ball by his injuries.

If he had such a tough mind, he couldn’t get back to the field.

Now still he wears a uniform of some professional baseball team as a head coach in a minor league.

Overcoming setbacks is not easy but with perseverance like him, we can do it.

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