Life is not Going Straightly

“Believe that continually held thoughts will realize.”

It is always said as one of very common spiritual laws. What you are thinking always is the thing will manifest in this third dimension from the other dimension.

What kind of thinking is coming from your bottom of the heart? I have a thing that is a thought coming up from my deep place, I tried to sweep it from my mind once before, however I couldn’t do it. It comes up still in my mind when my mind is not busy, I recognize that it stays and occupies my mind. That is my burning desire that I want to do throughout my life.

I think everyone has that kind of thought, image or vision residing in your mind, it is your mission of your life and the thing that you want to do or have to do in this life. That is the thing you planned before you were born here. Most of the people had made a rough plan in the other world before you come here, like your parents, friends, jobs, partners, and children.

But sometimes, it is not appearing in your front, in other words, you are away from that vision or image you have in your mind. It is not the thing that you want to do. I’m in the situation right now. I have the concrete image that I want to do. That is my mission of the life because it comes up my head every day and night, but the reality is very opposite from it.

You may have such a situation or already in the middle of that situation right now and like me you complain about what you have right now.

I think it is very natural that you curse your life at that moment.

In this case I am trying to convince myself that the situation I am facing right now is the opportunity that was given by God for going to the next step that is my main stage.

Because everything has meaning in our life, right?

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