Ko-Bonnou, Worldly Desire of a Child

It is said that there are hundred eight “Bonnou” (worldly desires) in human. That is why at the night of the new year-eve, to welcome the new year in the temple a monk hit a bell one hundred eight times to get rid of these worldly desires.

Among them, “Ko-bonnou” (子煩悩) is one of worldly desires. What is the Ko-bonnou? Ko (子)means a child in Japanese. Bonnou (煩悩) is a worldly desire. Putting them together, it is the worldly desire of a child, means too much love to a child would become wrong desire that we shouldn’t have.

Today, my oldest son is going to leaves us to abroad to study. When we were in the abroad, he had left us to go to Japan for studying in Japanese high school. Since then we had separated from him. But this year, my family came back to Japan, so we have had wonderful time with him, but he leaves us again. Especially my wife is very sad for having him leaving from her in this situation because she loves him so much.

As old people said that “Ko-bonnou” is one of worldly desires, too much love to a child is a love that ruins a life.

We, both my wife and I, of course, were sad, but as an old Japanese proverb saying “let a lovely child travel”, we allow him to do so and whatever he wants. It is the same as I did when I was young.

A child does care what parents think, he or she wants to do whatever he wants.

Now, I can understand what my parents thought on me.

I wish my son will live a life as he wants and planed.

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