Yasukuni Shrine

There is a shrine that Japanese legislators cannot visit due to so much criticisms from outside countries especially from China and Korea. You don’t believe why you are restricted by other countries to go and pray, but actually it is true. That shrine is called “Yasukuni Shrine” that enshrines soldiers who died in the WWII. Not only that those who are sentenced as an A class war criminals in the Tokyo Trial (The International Military Tribunal for the Far East) are enshrined in Yasukuni shrine.

That is why countries which are very sensitive about Japanese ruling during WWII and before, always criticize about matters of Yasukuni even it is the internal interference.

Although I didn’t know about this issue when I was young, almost every year I went to Yasukuni Shrine because my uncle was died as a pilot of “Kamikaze air force” at the age he was under twenty year old.

I remember that his picture in the picture frame was sitting on my grandmother’s buddhist cabinet. It showed his brilliant figure wearing a white uniform and white cap.

About twenty years ago in the meditation that I had in the prayer service of sending the light to our ancestors, I saw his image saying that “Actually It was your turn to be born in Japan at that time before WWII. But you have had another mission, so I took your turn.” He gave me a great stage for fulfilling my mission instead of his life. When I saw this, I broke down crying.

I am heading to Yasukuni shrine now. It is the first time more than thirty years to visit there.

China has increasing their power and expanding their territory in the Asia sea such as the South China Sea and Senkaku islands.

We don’t want to see and have the terrible thing again. In order to protect peace, we have to be brave and wise.

Today I tell my uncle “Thank you and I pledge to fulfill my mission of life” in front of the sacred place “Yasukuni”.