Ikiryo – a living spirit

生き霊 (Ikiryo) is a word that if it is translated directly, it is a living spirit that is a strong thought combined with your guardian spirit and your worry together then it becomes a spiritual force. That is a ikiryo has a quit powerful force to human. Those who are very sensitive can feels its influence, not only that it causes some physical disturbance such as a headache, a bad stiff neck, dizziness, and so on l, it doesn’t matter you are sensitive or not.

If you are envied or hated by somebody very much, usually a negative energy are generated by the person who envies or hates, then it is emitted to you as an ikiryo giving you some spiritual effects.

As the matter of fact, its spiritual force has a power to kill someone who are very hated.

The following is a real story that I heard from some elderly woman I know.

More than forty years ago, there were two women. One was a wife and another one was a lover of some guy. They were hating and fighting each other.

I don’t remember which is which, but one had executed a imprecations that is to hit and stub a large nail into a straw doll in the every midnight.

Another woman had practiced “a hundred times worships” that means she had enshrined a shrine everyday hundred times.

These are their imprecations battles.

Do you know which one won?

At the time the woman who accomplished “a hundred times worships”, the other woman lost her sane, became crazy, and run away into a mountain then never came back.

As you can see, a living spirit, living thought, ikiryo is so strong that affects us, we have to watch out.

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