Definition of Nokotsudan

1. Nokotsudan is like an insurance in the other world after you die. – “Afterlife Insurance”

・A nokotsudan is a small tomb that a base containing ashes is installed into is like an insurance when we travel to the other world.

If the deceased one cannot return smoothly to the other world, he or she needs an other-worldly force which works as a buoyancy coming from a nokotsudan through prayers.

・Nowadays, some people throw their ashes into the sea, they go nowhere then get lost unless they can go to the heavenly world straight.

・You can send your thoughts to your loved ones and ancestors through the tomb even you may not have any spiritual power. It is a system that sends the light from generation to generation to your families. Otherwise, if you don’t have one, your families cannot receive the light.

・The more the deceased one receives appreciation, the higher the rank he or she will attain. High spirits are also under this rule that the size will determine a spiritual rank. After death, he or she will obtain a higher spiritual rank depending on how much the light is sent to him or her through the tomb from descendants.

2. The Nokotsudan is an antenna to the spirit world

・The tomb is like an antenna to the spirit world. The tomb receives the thoughts from the offspring and sends them to the deceased one.

・It is important to have a method to send your thoughts and light to the spirit world. If you pray in front of the tomb to concentrate your thoughts, they will be sent to the spiritual world where your deceased loved one is.

・Even though your deceased loved one could return to the heavenly world, he or she is very happy to receive the memorial thoughts from many people. The tomb channels those thoughts to him or her.

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