My. Fuji – Spirit of Japan

We, my family took a two-days short trip to Hakone where the very well-know as one of best resorts near Tokyo and used be a honeymoon area like Niagara halls but anymore because it is usually to go abroad.

For us, it was the first time since we married together, actually, we were poor and busy so that we couldn’t afford to go to abroad as our honeymoon.

The weather was predicted rain these days but it was a wonderful weather, not hot and not cold for two days.

We stayed one of cheap “Ryokan”s in Gora area. A ryokan is like a lodge but very Japanese style hotel that usually provide a “Yukata” which is like a “Kimono” for a guest. I enjoyed wearing a yukata that we don’t usually wear in our common lifestyle nowadays, except a special occasion in a “Matsuri” (festival). Indeed I wear one the first time since my last trip for Hakone almost a couple decades ago. I realized that it is very fit for Japanese humid weather because it is very comfortable at night for sleep.

From the ryokan where we stayed, Fuji-mountain was not able to see because there is a mountain before that.

The first time we could see the Fuji-mountain was at the Owakudani, which is an active volcano smelling sulphur very much. Using it, shops around there sell black-shell eggs at five for 500 yen saying it is good for a long life.

The Fuji-mountain is a symbol of Japan. It represents our beauty of the soul and a spirit of Shintoism. I think it is one of the best beautiful mountain in the world, everytime we see the mountain, we feel our soul will be polished as long as you are Japanese. However my children who have grown up in the US seems like they don’t feel as we feel, at least as I feel.

Anyway, our essential figure is a soul, we always take care of it, I felt like that and also got a great power from our symbol.