Stay or Move

Now I’m stuck in the middle of the train on the way to return to home at Ikebukuro station due to the traffic accident resulting in personal injury or death for about one hour.

Announcements telling information about alternative ways from the office are repeatedly saying that “All trains are not to be operated soon, it takes much time to run trans so please use other lines” urging not to stay in the train.

Yes, I can use alternative lines informed to go around to home, but I don’t know how much it takes and how soon this line is active.

Some people follow that information then had left from this train or without patience. But I don’t know what I should do. I was wondering for over half hour there in the train if I use other line to go to the station near my home or not. Almost one hour passed, still I cannot decide what to do. I checked the information through the internet by my iPhone. But I cannot get enough information to decide stay or move to the other line. My battery of iPhone is getting less and less to 26%. My legs and back are hurting. I envy the people sitting in front of me.

Still I cannot decide what to do. If someone is looking at this situation from far above, he can tell what I have to do.

One and a half hour passed but I am standing and still wondering what to do, stay or move.

In this situation only I can do is to write this blog. Actually it is good to spend time to write a blog.

The train is getting so crowded by the people who hurry to come home as well as me.

It is 10:00 pm now, then we got the announcement telling about starting operations.

I stayed in the train standing for over one hour half, now my train is moving.

I think my patience won this game, if I moved to the other line it would take more minutes than this train.

Usually patience is virtue. This time is also. Now in ten minutes I am going to arrive at my station.

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