No Excuse

We have had two typhoons in two days recently in Japan. One was across the south of Japan. Another one was a little closer than the one before and gave some effects in Tokyo area overnight yesterday.

I could hear the sound of heavy rainstorm and strong wind throughout night. Good thing was no critical damages brought by that so trains run normally from the morning. Bad thing is that these typhoons have brought so much more moisture that we have now so much humidity than the days before typhoons came.

Now is close to the end of August, it is so uncomfortable by such moisture.

The worst place is in a train. It smells so badly by our sweat. Sometimes we cannot stand it, I saw some woman covered her nose by her handkerchief, that’s I can understand.

Today, what I want say to you and also me is that whatever circumstances we have, we should not complain, never say excuses, rather we have to accept it as it is for our soul training.

It is often said that a cow makes milk while a snake produces poison even they drink the same water of a river. Actually everyone is living in same circumstances as is Tokyo area, it depends on each one’s mind and thinking, whether we make a milk or poison.

Japanese “salaryman”, in Japan, we call “white color” as salaryman, is very hard job. We have to wear a shirt and leather shoes even these uncomfortable days in summer.

But no excuses should be made because we choose this area and this age for our evolution of the soul.

There is some meaning in each life for each soul.

Now my station is here. So I have to walk in a “sauna”.