Harmonize Relationships

Today I have attended some of my colleagues’ seminar. At the beginning, she introduced her story about her dream that she saw last night. It was about UFO and an alien. An alien came from UFO and told that do not forget faith in God.

Anyway she talked about how to harmonize your relationships.

There are seven tips.

Stop finding faults

We are like a polyhedron that has many faces, of course we have faults but also good points, too.

Stop sending negative thoughts

We are essentially a spiritual being dwells in a body. Our thoughts are transmitted from our chest to other people, if you are sensitive, you can feel them.

Stop saying negative words

Words do many things in our life. Once they are emitted from your mouth, they do a job.

Realize what others have done for you

We all choose your parents, a spouse, siblings, children before you born.

Also we don’t recognize all the things that others have done for you. Count what the person whom you have a difficulty have don for you.

Start to see their good points

Also count your foe’s good points

Start giving your selfless love

Selfless love means love that gives without no return, just give but expect no return from the person who you gave love.

Start offering good words

What are good words? For example, you are very nice, thank you, I appreciate you, you are cool, so on. Even it is OK saying in your mind.

These are the tips from her seminar. Thank you!