Never Give Up! – Part 1

In Japan, the high school baseball championships is very popular, as I mentioned in the other blog before. Almost 4000 schools all over Japan attend to aim to go “Koshien”, which is a ballpark that holds grand finals that are battles between winners from the local championships throughout all prefectures.

The other day I saw the amazing documentary video in YouTube that describes unbelievable overturned game in the final matchup that the winner can move forward to Koshien, in the local championships in Ishikawa prefecture.

It was the battle between Seiryo and Komatsu Otani.

Komatsu Otani had gained 8 points and lead game 8 to 0 until ninth inning. If they got three outs they could go to Koshien, which is the dream place for all high school baseball players.

Seiryo, which is the strongest baseball team in Ishikawa, have been in Koshien so many times, almost every year.

The bottom of ninth inning which is the final inning, Seiryo gained two points without no outs from the ace pitcher who had allowed only two hits in last eight innings, although still Komatu Otani had lead 6 points, he was replaced to the pitcher who is a one year younger one.

This had made nothing that weakened Seiryo’s batting strength, rather they had increased their force, they got more four points from the new pitcher immediately.

By the loud cheering from the audience stands, all Komatsu players including their bench-warmers were swallowed, especially the young pitcher, Kimura said later he had lost his sane.

The head coach of Seiryo supposed to change Kimura, however the only one rookey pitcher was in their bench, so he couldn’t call him.

Still Komatsu Okatani had lead tow points, however, Kimura allowed two points easily, it made them tie, 8-8.

Komatsu Otani had nothing to change this situation, they couldn’t stop this stream at all, they allowed “Sayonara” (good-by) hit and they were defeated.

This is one of miracle games in the history, but story was not the end.

(To be continued to Part 2)

field sport ball game
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