Never Give Up – Part 2

(Continued from Never Give Up – part 1)

Seiryo could go to Koshien by defeating Komatsu Otani 9 – 8 gaining 9 points in the bottom of ninth at the championship of Ishikawa prefecture. It was a kind of miracle!

Komatsu Otani, which was defeated, had had deeply regret themselves but also the people in their local area who excited and were looking at dream to go to Koshien almost there.

After this game, the pitcher, Kimura had succeeded from the ace pitcher in the bottom of ninth where Komatsu Otani was still leading by six points but allowed seven points, had lost his words what he could say toward the one year older students who had ended their final summer.

He was so regret because he ruined old boys summer and hope to go to Koshien in just three outs, had chance to apologize it to them.

When Kimura tried to apologize, none of them criticized him, instead they appreciated him like saying “Thank you, we could come to the final because of you were there. Revenge and go to Koshien next year for us.” Especially, the ace pitcher encouraged Kimura by giving his using yellow glove to him. They are both left hand pitcher.

The team also so regret that they decided always to placed the newspaper that shows the article about their lost telling “Don’t Cry Komatsu Otani” on the bench everytime they practice.

Also in the rocker room the score of that day was always there not to forget it to the next tournament because they pledged revenge to Seiryo.

One year later, three days before the local championships starts, the head coach was wondering to show the nightmare game or not. After he finally decided to show the game, they said we could become one toward defeating Seiryo by watching the game.

(To be continued part 3)

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