Never Give Up – Part 3

Before the 2015 championships of Ishikawa prefecture began, all players of Komatsu Otani pledge to fulfill their revenge against Seiryo who won the game by overturning from 0 – 8 at the bottom of ninth to 9 – 8 last year and they proceeded to the dream place – “Koshien” where all teams win from the local championships have tournament games there to get the champion flag to clinch a number one baseball team in Japan.

Every high school baseball boy aims to go there, as well as me at that age when I was playing a catcher in some high school in Saitama prefecture.

Since Komatsu Otani lost the game last year, they had pledged to make revenge by hard training especially Kimura who had allowed seven points in the bottom of ninth inning after succeeded the mound from the ace pitcher who graduated last year. Now he was an ace pitcher.

Kimura won two games without giving points to opponents in the first two games.

This time two finals before, they met each other. It was the fatal opportunity to revenge the last years’ their regret for Komatsu Otani.

The head coach of Komatsu Otani let all players watch the last year’s game that they miserably lost but they never had fear of anxiety, rather they regained strong fighting spirit especially Kimura.

Although he got never give up mind, he gave up three points until the top of ninth inning, the score was 0 – 3, three points behind.

But the fact is more sensational than drama.

Komatsu Otani had never given up, in the final inning they got three points, then made tie 3 – 3, still no outs and bases were filled with their runners.

The next batter was fourth batter. This time bench and stands were making so much loud voices of cheering. The second ball, he hits deep left fly, then third runner tatch up. This concluded a great victory for Komatsu Otani, they made revenge completely this time.

Everyone who were cheering in the stand were crying. Kimura said “our efforts for one year provided this win” in the interviews.

This real story tells us a never give up spirit and God never ignores our efforts.

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