Memories of Soul – Soul Knows

Today I met a person who came from Portland Oregon. He is now visiting Japan and he went to Yasukuni Shrine the other day and some of our friends met him and invited him to our place. We had talked for one hour. During talking with him I could find why he visited Yasukuni shrine that because he likes to sing Japanese 軍歌, military song which young men never sing any more even in my age. Actually I have heard about those music but had never song before. But he can clearly sing them without strong intonation but very natural. One of them were used to sing at the war between Russia and Japan over hundred years ago.

When I heard his song it was so easy to imagine that his past life was Japanese and a soldier. Otherwise it is hard to understand why he likes these special songs even Japanese don’t doing anymore and visited at Yasukuni Shrine in this his first time visiting in Japan.

Your soul remembers your memories of your past life’s activities in the deep of your mind which is your subconscious.

If you are interested in some particular place, culture or history, it is a very chance to say that you were there in the some past, previous lives.

When I visited Navajo Indian reserve district, I thought I knew this place at that when it was even I didn’t start to study about the spiritual truths.

Also, I remember still now that when I was around ten years old, some night my father was watching a movie that was about end of the Atlantis, which is said that it existed in the now Atlantic Ocean but sunk in just short period of time. At that scene was on air, I suddenly woke up and watch it and felt some so strong emotion.

You might not accept the concept of reincarnation however, for me, those above matters are not understandable reason why I felt I knew this place and I felt very strong feeling when I saw that scene.

We have been born on earth so many times, , so many places, it is not just ten or hundred, we don’t remember them but our souls know and have memories each of them.

Definition of Nokotsudan

1. Nokotsudan is like an insurance in the other world after you die. – “Afterlife Insurance”

・A nokotsudan is a small tomb that a base containing ashes is installed into is like an insurance when we travel to the other world.

If the deceased one cannot return smoothly to the other world, he or she needs an other-worldly force which works as a buoyancy coming from a nokotsudan through prayers.

・Nowadays, some people throw their ashes into the sea, they go nowhere then get lost unless they can go to the heavenly world straight.

・You can send your thoughts to your loved ones and ancestors through the tomb even you may not have any spiritual power. It is a system that sends the light from generation to generation to your families. Otherwise, if you don’t have one, your families cannot receive the light.

・The more the deceased one receives appreciation, the higher the rank he or she will attain. High spirits are also under this rule that the size will determine a spiritual rank. After death, he or she will obtain a higher spiritual rank depending on how much the light is sent to him or her through the tomb from descendants.

2. The Nokotsudan is an antenna to the spirit world

・The tomb is like an antenna to the spirit world. The tomb receives the thoughts from the offspring and sends them to the deceased one.

・It is important to have a method to send your thoughts and light to the spirit world. If you pray in front of the tomb to concentrate your thoughts, they will be sent to the spiritual world where your deceased loved one is.

・Even though your deceased loved one could return to the heavenly world, he or she is very happy to receive the memorial thoughts from many people. The tomb channels those thoughts to him or her.

Obon (お盆)

Obon is one of major Japanese traditional customs usually held on the mind of August.

It is traditionally said that during obon period, the door of the hell is opened so that even those who are in the hell can return to this world.

You may think that it is like Halloween held in USA. Yes, I think Obon is similar to Halloween except not only ghosts and monsters come up from the hell, but also those who are in the heaven can visit to their family. That is why we have a custom to welcome those spirits to their home.

Here is an explanation from Wikipedia: Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. This Buddhist-Confucian custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

For me, in Obon period, some unusual things used to happen, but not so much any more. These were the spiritual phenomena that I have often seen or felt some ghost. One of things that I remember is when I was an university student, I felt clearly some invisible existence. At that time I was living far from my family so I didn’t return to my family, usually Obon is time for family reunion as seeing above.

I was alone in my room. Actually I was not recognizing it was obon time. At that night while I was sleeping I felt someone who was late sixty came into my room, then he was wondering for a while and went out of there. The next day in the morning, I knew it was Obon night. So I could guess that he was one of landlords’ relatives.

This year is the third year of my father passed away. Today is the last day of Obon, but nothing had happened to me, my father looks like not visiting us, maybe because of crazy heat in Japan now 🙂

The year goes by, it looks like these traditional customs has been less and less, instead, Halloween has been more popular in Japan

Ikiryo – a living spirit

生き霊 (Ikiryo) is a word that if it is translated directly, it is a living spirit that is a strong thought combined with your guardian spirit and your worry together then it becomes a spiritual force. That is a ikiryo has a quit powerful force to human. Those who are very sensitive can feels its influence, not only that it causes some physical disturbance such as a headache, a bad stiff neck, dizziness, and so on l, it doesn’t matter you are sensitive or not.

If you are envied or hated by somebody very much, usually a negative energy are generated by the person who envies or hates, then it is emitted to you as an ikiryo giving you some spiritual effects.

As the matter of fact, its spiritual force has a power to kill someone who are very hated.

The following is a real story that I heard from some elderly woman I know.

More than forty years ago, there were two women. One was a wife and another one was a lover of some guy. They were hating and fighting each other.

I don’t remember which is which, but one had executed a imprecations that is to hit and stub a large nail into a straw doll in the every midnight.

Another woman had practiced “a hundred times worships” that means she had enshrined a shrine everyday hundred times.

These are their imprecations battles.

Do you know which one won?

At the time the woman who accomplished “a hundred times worships”, the other woman lost her sane, became crazy, and run away into a mountain then never came back.

As you can see, a living spirit, living thought, ikiryo is so strong that affects us, we have to watch out.

Yasukuni Shrine 2

As I wrote in the last blog, I visited Yasukuni Shrine yesterday, it was first time in over twenty years.

It is said that there are one hundred thousand to one fifty thousand worshipers in just one day on August 15th when Japan surrendered seventy three years ago at Yasukuni Shrine.

My friends who go every year and also my wife said that this year it was not so much people than other years although I have seen so many people even I was there early in the morning around 7:00 am.

When I was a child, I could go into the all the way to the main hall which we can enshrine to the god of Shinto because my uncle died in the WWII as a Kamikaze pilot, I believe when he was only nineteen year old, whom the family has lost son or father can enter the main prayer room.

As everyone said there are less visitors than other years, but I felt that at the time I came to Yasukuni shrine was much less people than this year.

Probably, I am wrong, because our special visit was not on August 15th.

Or it used to have so much left-wing influence, or worshiping to Yasukuni was taboo in early these days because we lost the war.

Along the path to the Shrine there are so many people who were delivering their flyers for correcting Japanese history and build up strong nation again. To tell the truth, I was one of them.

When I was visiting here in my childhood with my grandmother, I didn’t know anything about the war. I was just taken to there. Actually, I was happy because (I think it was Government) provided a full course dishes for us, there I learned how to use knives and forks, I remember it was a western dishes rather than Japanese.

Now almost over forty years past, I know the history. It is a true history. It is not coming from our history textbook in the school age. Our history textbooks were so twisted by the left-wing idea that was overwhelming aftermath of the war against Shintoism, which was seemed the extreme right movement at these ages in Japan. Also the GHQ tried to weaken Japanese not fighting against western countries again.

Now these movements have been ended, young people know the true facts from internet.

As long as China increases its power, we have to prepare for it. One of best scenario is it will become a democratic country. I wish it very much.

Yasukuni Shrine

There is a shrine that Japanese legislators cannot visit due to so much criticisms from outside countries especially from China and Korea. You don’t believe why you are restricted by other countries to go and pray, but actually it is true. That shrine is called “Yasukuni Shrine” that enshrines soldiers who died in the WWII. Not only that those who are sentenced as an A class war criminals in the Tokyo Trial (The International Military Tribunal for the Far East) are enshrined in Yasukuni shrine.

That is why countries which are very sensitive about Japanese ruling during WWII and before, always criticize about matters of Yasukuni even it is the internal interference.

Although I didn’t know about this issue when I was young, almost every year I went to Yasukuni Shrine because my uncle was died as a pilot of “Kamikaze air force” at the age he was under twenty year old.

I remember that his picture in the picture frame was sitting on my grandmother’s buddhist cabinet. It showed his brilliant figure wearing a white uniform and white cap.

About twenty years ago in the meditation that I had in the prayer service of sending the light to our ancestors, I saw his image saying that “Actually It was your turn to be born in Japan at that time before WWII. But you have had another mission, so I took your turn.” He gave me a great stage for fulfilling my mission instead of his life. When I saw this, I broke down crying.

I am heading to Yasukuni shrine now. It is the first time more than thirty years to visit there.

China has increasing their power and expanding their territory in the Asia sea such as the South China Sea and Senkaku islands.

We don’t want to see and have the terrible thing again. In order to protect peace, we have to be brave and wise.

Today I tell my uncle “Thank you and I pledge to fulfill my mission of life” in front of the sacred place “Yasukuni”.

Ko-Bonnou, Worldly Desire of a Child

It is said that there are hundred eight “Bonnou” (worldly desires) in human. That is why at the night of the new year-eve, to welcome the new year in the temple a monk hit a bell one hundred eight times to get rid of these worldly desires.

Among them, “Ko-bonnou” (子煩悩) is one of worldly desires. What is the Ko-bonnou? Ko (子)means a child in Japanese. Bonnou (煩悩) is a worldly desire. Putting them together, it is the worldly desire of a child, means too much love to a child would become wrong desire that we shouldn’t have.

Today, my oldest son is going to leaves us to abroad to study. When we were in the abroad, he had left us to go to Japan for studying in Japanese high school. Since then we had separated from him. But this year, my family came back to Japan, so we have had wonderful time with him, but he leaves us again. Especially my wife is very sad for having him leaving from her in this situation because she loves him so much.

As old people said that “Ko-bonnou” is one of worldly desires, too much love to a child is a love that ruins a life.

We, both my wife and I, of course, were sad, but as an old Japanese proverb saying “let a lovely child travel”, we allow him to do so and whatever he wants. It is the same as I did when I was young.

A child does care what parents think, he or she wants to do whatever he wants.

Now, I can understand what my parents thought on me.

I wish my son will live a life as he wants and planed.

Never Give Up

As I wrote before, the Koshien ballpark is exciting right now. It is the high school championship of baseball. One of great but unbelievable games was happened today.

It was the game between Seiryo and Saibi. Seiryo was a team whose batting is well-known as so good historically. If you know Yankees, one of Japanese players was a very popular there and he took MVP in the World Series in 2010, he was Hideki Matsui who is a great star from Seiryo High school.

On the other hand, Saibi high school is a team that has won by one pitcher from the local championships in Ehime prefecture, which is relatively very strong at baseball.

So it was battle between Seiryo’s batting-offense and Saibi’s one man pitcher.

In the first inning, Seiryo had gotten five points from the pitcher of Saibi, Yamaguchi. Additionally they took two points so that their win was almost obvious in the beginning of the game. So I turned off the TV.

Two and half hours later, I turned on the TV for checking how the next game was going.

However, I saw the game was still the game between Seiryo and Saibi, it was going on. Suddenly, an unbelievable sight came into my eyes. It was the inning of twelve and score was nine-nine even.

In the eighth inning Saibi overturned Seiryo by scoring eight points and had led by two points.

In the next inning, 9th, Seiryo got two points then they were even until twelfth inning. Still the Saibi’s pitcher was on the mound at that time.

In the thirteenth inning Seiryo got two points, so that their win was almost there. However, Saibi filled bases with runners in the end of thirteenth, the next batter was Yano, who is the first batter, and no out. Seiryo was driven to into the corner. The last scene was very dramatic, Yano hit a “Sayonara home-run”(good-by home-run), Saibi won the game.

In the interviews, Yamaguchi, who had thrown 184 pitches, said “If I continued to throw without additional scores, we would be able to win”. Yano, who hit the “Sayonara”, said “Yamaguchi was pitching by himself until 13th inning, so I have to do something for him.”

It was very fantastic friendship and teamwork!

I think that not only me but also everyone who saw this game learned the importance of never-give-up mind and teamwork.

This game will become one of great games in the Koshien history.

Life is not Going Straightly

“Believe that continually held thoughts will realize.”

It is always said as one of very common spiritual laws. What you are thinking always is the thing will manifest in this third dimension from the other dimension.

What kind of thinking is coming from your bottom of the heart? I have a thing that is a thought coming up from my deep place, I tried to sweep it from my mind once before, however I couldn’t do it. It comes up still in my mind when my mind is not busy, I recognize that it stays and occupies my mind. That is my burning desire that I want to do throughout my life.

I think everyone has that kind of thought, image or vision residing in your mind, it is your mission of your life and the thing that you want to do or have to do in this life. That is the thing you planned before you were born here. Most of the people had made a rough plan in the other world before you come here, like your parents, friends, jobs, partners, and children.

But sometimes, it is not appearing in your front, in other words, you are away from that vision or image you have in your mind. It is not the thing that you want to do. I’m in the situation right now. I have the concrete image that I want to do. That is my mission of the life because it comes up my head every day and night, but the reality is very opposite from it.

You may have such a situation or already in the middle of that situation right now and like me you complain about what you have right now.

I think it is very natural that you curse your life at that moment.

In this case I am trying to convince myself that the situation I am facing right now is the opportunity that was given by God for going to the next step that is my main stage.

Because everything has meaning in our life, right?

Amazing Come-Back!

Now, it is very exciting in Japanese High School Baseball Championship in the Koshien Ballpark located in Kobe. It is one of very popular events in the hot summer in Japan. Moreover, what is special in this summer? The “Koshien Championship” is 100th anniversary this year. It has been continued for over hundred years since it started 1915 missed two times during the WWII.

Most of baseball stars and legends have been born from this place.

I remember the “idols” who induced a whirlwind throughout Japan almost thirty years ago. His name is Daisuke Araki who stood the pitcher mound of the Koshien even he was a freshman in his high school age. His looks were so attractive that he became a big star like an idol in those days in Japan. His name “Daisuke” became a number one name of babies in those ages.

When he graduated from high school, he was drafted to Yakult Swallows and had played as a professional baseball pitcher.

He attracted attention from all over Japan, but he could not meet their expectations much. Even worse he got injured in his elbow. That brought the surgery. After that he started a practice so early so he had to take another one in the next year. Made it worse, he got a bad back, totally he had spent over four years to recover from his injuries.

After all, he stood at the mound again for the first time in 1547 days.

What a strong heart he had! When I read this story, I couldn’t imagine how much he suffered from his “cursed destiny”. He used to be a national star in his high school age. However, in the professional age he couldn’t establish his status as much as he had golden ages in high school. Eventually he couldn’t throw a ball by his injuries.

If he had such a tough mind, he couldn’t get back to the field.

Now still he wears a uniform of some professional baseball team as a head coach in a minor league.

Overcoming setbacks is not easy but with perseverance like him, we can do it.