Building Future with Wisdom

These sentences below are the some part of the book entitled “The Laws of Wisdom”.

“On a global scale, there are major issues. There are issues involving war and peace, and also issues involving the relationship between peace and prosperity. These are all big, big issues that the single individual cannot deal with. However, what we must be careful about now is this, we must prevent a dictator or tyrant from emerging and reading many people in the wrong direction, in a world where the population headed toward seven billion.

In order to this, as I have just said, effort, discipline, and perseverance, as well as an attitude of continually learning, required on the part of each and every person who is independent. A country that has produced a lot of these sorts of people will protect the word.

Should an ambitious country rise up, it is important to teach its people properly what the right way is. If you, yourself are practicing this, you can teach it to others.

Any abuse and criticism thrown at people who have a peaceful mind and live every day persevering and making efforts will be reflected back at those who fired those words.

The Truth is a mirror. The one in the mirror is not someone else. It is you, yourself, and your own country.

The righteous! The righteous must be strong, The righteous must be good, The righteous must prosper. Build a peaceful future in the midst of prosperity. I have high hopes for you. Let us work together and construct our new future age.”

Learn from “Nitori”

In today’s news, Nitori, which is a Japanese giant furniture company like “IKEA” that exists in Japan also, have made the most profit ever.

According to the Nikkei news, “Nitori HD net profit increased up to 8% in bedding and sleeping goods. September 26, 2018 at 20:30 the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2018 were 37.9 billion yen, up 8% from the previous year. It exceeded the conventional forecast (35.6 billion yen of 2% increase), and updated the highest for seven consecutive years as this period including bedding and sleeping items.”

Japanese economy has been getting better and better by the influence of the good economy of the US.

However, still we are in deflation, may be out of there already, but actual feeling temperature is still not hot and not even warm. In spite of that kind of situation, to make best profit ever is not easy at all. I think the head of its company, Mr. Nitori is a very positive person who never make excuses rather he leverages the negative elements to brofits.

I thought that it used to be that I am a very positive person, but recently i found that I was making excuses for the reason I cannot when I reflect my mind deeply and checked my thinking carefully. It was a kind of shock for me but reality is not ideal. I was making some excuse or trying to do it unconsciously.

It is much easier to think of the reason I cannot do than to think the way how I can do it.

People tend to go easier direction. So I am.

To succeed the business or any other matters, of course, making efforts is very necessary but also to have time to think and think positively is the key to success.

How can I do it? Always think like that. That’s what I need now.

Bodhisattva – Kirin Kiki

Two weeks ago, a Japanese famous actress died. Her name is Kirin Kiki, who was very bizarre actress but loved by everyone. She was 75 years old.

She was not a beautiful type of actress but very unique and acting was very superior. There were so many episodes that were told about her. One of them was some reporter met her in the Japanese “Grammy Awards”. He found she was wearing not so rich tie, then he said “Your tie is not like a brand tie.” She answered “Yes, I bought this at the second-hand shop by hundred yen”, which is one dollar.

After that she had wear that tie in the ceremony. The reporter asked again “You still wear the tie, why?” “Because you game me a good score on the tie”, she answered. She was such a human interest person.

The other well-known episode was that she married with a rocknroller who is also so unique, but they had lived separately after one year half later they married until she died.

However, she was religious person, she involved in some religions organization. The master of that organization put her actresses name. She had had faith in God.

According the spiritual reading done by Master Okawa, who has the most powerful psychic power found that she was equivalent to be a bosatsu (bodhisattva) who is a person in seventh dimensional world and living with altruism.

Her acting was loved by everyone because she had acted with love and compassion to entertain and encourage everyone as a roll of bodhisattva.

Forever Kirin Kiki.

“Bachelor” Show

When I was in the US I had watched the TV program called “Bachelor” a few times. I was not so much involved in that show.

Now in Japan TV productions imported that concert then they make exactly same shows. During I was accessing some site in YouTube the other day, I got an eye catch in some advertisement so I clicked. That was a “Bachelor” of Japanese version. It was actually high school boys and girls went to some Vietnam resort to spend three days there to find out a best boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shamefully, I was so attracted in this show that I had watched all episodes except the last one that was not uploaded.

Actually the last one was coming on air in same day at night. It was free to watch at an live but if you missed it, you have to pay a monthly fee. So that was a catch.

Why was it so interested in? That’s because it was so fun to watch young people’s fragile emotions. They tend to change a lot.

It used to be that Japanese guys are so restricted and stubborn, but now some guys are called “Soshokukei” that means herbivore. They are so mild like a rabbit or squirrel. They don’t have Japanese Samurai soul.

The guy who attracted three girls never fixed his mind until they the end. Conversely girls were more like constant. They were more brave than guys generally.

Everything is changing and transient, nothing stays the same, that is the one of Buddhist concepts: all things are impermanence. Japan is not an exception, we are all changing, however, it is very shameful to lose the things that were simbols and identities of Japanese.

From “the Laws of Wisdom”

These sentences below are the some parts from the book entitled “The Laws of Wisdom”.

“The first thing I want to ask of you is to be humble as human beings people in this modern age know way more than those who live in the past. Research is being undertaken in various fields, and has come as far as what is called “the domain of God”. But you must know that, at the same time, people are also losing sight of something important.

Therefor, I want future leaders to be able to listen to the voice of Heaven open-heartedly and strive to realize Heaven’s desires here on earth. To put it another way, this effort is to “explore the right mind”, and “establish the right mind”.

It is a simple fact that, in order for humans to achieve success, become happy and prosper in this word, they need to preserve and make effort’s. I want to confirm this very simple truth once again.

So please do not feel regret not having enough ability or that you are not brimming with talent. In fact, this shows the expectations have been placed on you for you to increase your soul’s capacity and develop, in this lifetime, here on earth. It is also a chance for you.

But now, I tell you on behalf of all the guiding spirits in the heavenly world, that those in the heavenly world do not only wish for all your wishes to come true immediately. They wish from the bottom of their hearts for you to continue to preserve and make efforts for you through a number of decades in this world. They wish for you to build on your achievements and walk the path to success, while continuing to refine your soul.”

Lifespan is longer

Our life span is getting longer and longer now especially Japanese people.

This is the statics that the average lifespan of Japanese man is 81.09 years old, which is number 3 in the world. Number one is Hong Kong.

Japanese woman’s one is 87.26 years old, which is number 2 in the world. Number one is also Hong Kong.

Why are they such a long? One of the reason is food. We are like herbivore.

It is said that In Japan, there is a unique food culture -“Japan food.” It is considered the “lack of fat” which is a characteristic of Japan food. Compared to the world’s most developed countries, Japan diet has very little fat intake.

In addition, there is a feature that there are a lot of “grain intake” and fish intake centering on rice. Also, tofu, natto, miso, and other “soybean products” are often ingested, which can be said to these foods prevent to become arteriosclerosis.

Japanese cuisine is a Japan traditional food culture, and the nutritional balance is very good because the fresh ingredients are cooked in a variety of ways while taking advantage of the taste of the material itself, based on soup Japan.

Another reason must be a medical system.

The health care system is enriched. Japan has several social insurances (medical insurance, pension insurance, worker’s insurance, employment insurance, and care insurance). Although it is compulsory to enroll in these, it is called “the National Health Insurance system”. By having a social insurance policy, it is a system which guarantees it in the case of sickness, an injury, hospitalization.

Japanese Classical Dance

I had a chance to visit to the National Theater in Tokyo to watch a classical Japanese dance. It was the first time to visit there and watch such a Japanese dance although I have watched it on TV usually at the beginning of the year, but I have never watched a live dance in a theater.

It is so traditional that it is indeed boring for me because I don’t have any knowledge on such a classical dance.

Audiences were almost elderly people. I’m not so young anymore, however I was youngest.

To tell the truth I couldn’t enjoy it at all though some audiences called the names of dancers periodically.

I think that even my age people don’t enjoy this kind of Japanese traditional dances, there is a high chance that young people do not like them at all.

That means we are losing this kind of tradition.

Japanese history is one of the oldest in the world so that we have to keep it and hand it down from generation to generation because it is a national culture and our heritage.

Our life is changing day by day. People’s tastes are changing also. In these circumstances keeping and preserving the traditions are very hard nowadays.

How could we do it? I don’t know it at all. Maybe it is natural that we are losing tradition also own culture, that is not avoidable. A new culture is born by a culture mixed up with an old one and a new one.

Even that is the fact, I hope we can keep our culture as long as we can.

Changing and evolving is good but preserving the old style is also good for me.

A Great Speech – J. R. Jayewardene

At the same day when I met “Wicky san”, it was actually the commemoration of the first Sri Lanka president, Mr. J. R. Jayewardene’s, who was the really great president for Japan. It was his 112 birth commemoration.

After the WWII, Japan was in a crisis of dividing to four different parts governed by different countries, which were The US, The UK, Russia, and China. However, it was the year 1951, at the San Francisco conference, Mr. J. R. Jayewardene made a great speech by using Buddha’s quote: “Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love.” Then the atmosphere of the conference had been changed by his speech, Japan could be out of woods.

His speech was the following:

“We in Ceylon were fortunate that we were not invaded, but the damage caused by air raids, by the stationing of enormous armies under the South-East Asian Command, and by the slaughter- tapping of one of our main commodities, rubber, when we were the only producers of natural rubber for the Allies, entitle us to ask that the damage so caused should be repaired. We do not intend to do so, for we believe in the words of the Great Teacher whose message has ennobled the lives of countless millions in Asia, that “hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love.” It is the message of the Buddha, the Great Teacher, the Founder of Buddhism, which spread a wave of humanism through South Asia, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Siam, Indonesia and Ceylon, and also northwards through the Himalayas into Tibet, China, and finally, Japan, which bound us together for hundreds of years with a common culture and heritage. This common culture still exists, as I found on my visit to Japan last week on my way to attend this Conference; and from the leaders of Japan, Ministers of State as well as private citizens, from their priests in the temples, I gathered the impression that the common people of Japan are still influenced by the shadow of that Great Teacher of peace, and wish to follow it. We must give them that opportunity.”

Actually, for me it was the first time to know his honorable work for Japan by anticipating his commemoration.

Thank you, Mr. J. R. Jayewardene.

“Guerrilla Rain”

While the east coast of the US had the large hurricane that damaged so much in those area, in Japan, we have had fierce rain called “Guerrilla Rain” this year, too. It brings more than 80mm (approximately 31 inches) of rain per an hour sometimes.

Last night in some ward of Tokyo got more than 80mm rain. It is like rain that a bucket was overturned. It is a short period of rain like squall, but it causes some big problems on our commute at returning home.

Last night, it appeared several places in Tokyo and the northern part of Tokyo.

At some train station, rain falled severely from the hole of the roof.

It is so fierce that an umbrella is not useful, people stayed for a while under some roof.

I have had this short strong storm when I was walking before. I felt that it was like walking under a waterfall. My clothes were totally wet into pants. The subway entrance was so severe. Water came down from its entrance to the downstairs. It was completely like a river.

We have never had this kind of rain before when I was young. Of course we have had squalls in the summer time in Tokyo area, but it was not like this. Thunder and rain were mixed up but amount of rain was not so much.

Recently it seems a guarrilla rain have been more often than a couple of years ago.

I think this kind of rain is a song from heaven, because I have heard the gods of Shintoism use rain and storm.

I assume that they are upsetting about our lack of faith these days.

We have to regain it again in Japan.

“Money is Time”

These sentences are from a book called “Successful Mind”.

“Whether or not we become successful, we are given no more and no less than 24 hours in the day, and we were given this time to use freely for our success or for our failure.

God will never shout to ask from heaven about how we should use our time. We are not going to hear God telling us to stop wasting our time and encouraging us to work harder and study harder. God simply provides us 24 hours every day, and no less. He never suddenly changes it to 12 hours or five hours. Our task is to find the best way to use our time.

Intelligent people tend to give up easily, simply because they are too quick to make judgments. It is a shame that they do not make good judgments, for often they make that wrong premature judgment. As with the diamond miner, success will always evade us as long as we keep giving up and moving on to the next spot of land, believing that we will find the diamond layer more quickly by digging somewhere else.

For example some of us who are intelligent might find many sources of dissatisfaction as work as so might keep changing jobs. However, if we stick with one job for a little while longer, we might become experts. So many of us give up just inches before that opportunity comes, simply because we did not have enough perseverance.

I hope that everyone will understand and discover that value in the church, “Time is money.”this was one of them very small forms of enlightenment that I achieved during my younger years.

I describe I know the truth that I learned as a college student, “Money is time”. The words are reversed from the previous saying, “Time is money”. It conveys the truth that the certain amount of money can buy you time. Money can effectively help you use time more efficiently and may even speed up your success.”