Summer is almost over but it is still humid and hot in Tokyo.

I don’t know when because it happened while I was not in Japan, some cool thing has been beginning in Japan. That is “Cool Biz”, which is some custom that we don’t need to wear a necktie in business even in the Diet and parliament.

I checked it in Wikipedia, it says “The Cool Biz campaign is a Japanese campaign initiated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment from summer 2005 as a means to help reduce Japanese electricity consumption by limiting the use of air conditioning.”

Usually people wear short sleeve and no necktie, that gives us much more comfortable working conditions in our working hours especially in commute and sale in outside for businessmen. Now it has become very popular.

This new custom was advocated by Ms. Koike when she was a minister of the Environment.

Now she is the governor of Tokyo, tries to achieve another campaign that is also very nice to us, too.

That is a campaign called “Jisa(time difference) Biz” That is a campaign trying to reduce the number of percentages of people in trains during rush hours then make us comfortable ride.

The worst line is 196 percents now. That means almost double of capacity. It is awful isn’t it?

I personally don’t like Ms. Koike much, but what she has done and is doing should be very appreciated.

Administration of Tokyo has attempted to ask to corporate this campaign to railways companies to increase number of cars, also companies allow employees to commute different time or flexibly in this summer.

The results are not as good as we expected right now.

But it is necessary to reduce the numbers for Tokyo because we will hold Tokyo Olympic two years later. If not it will be terrible for visitors.

Japan is always struggling but moving forward always.

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