Draft system is also installed in Japan for selecting baseball players from high school, university and company’s baseball clubs. Each professional team selects players to compete with other teams to get better players. if the same person was selected by several teams, they have to pick up a card from the box to win for negotiation to the player.

As you know, every year, the number one draft pick is very honorable for those who are selected as a number-one-pick. He is a promised and future star for the team. But things don’t work out the way as always we expect.

There is a documentary TV program that reports aftermath of a number-one-pick person. As we see them we can see that life is always ups and downs.

One guy who was selected a number-one-pick by Yomiuri Giants, which is a Japanese New York Yankees, appeared on this program. It showed that after he was selected, he was very well at the beginning, however he got injured on his shoulder then he couldn’t play well. At his age thirty four he was fired.

Another number-one-pick guy was even worse. First year while he was in the firm, he got operation because he got injured on his elbow. The next year he operated again due to his bad shoulder. After he recovered from his injuries he got opportunity to throw in the firm, but he couldn’t play well. After all he was fired spending five years as a number-one-pick pitcher without playing in the major.

These are the only few examples of number-one-pick players, it is very hard to survive in the professional baseball player for them.

However, everyone who had gotten fired still living with guts but having honorable past.

Life is difficult as one of drama written by God.

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