Learn From Disasters

Yesterday, in Hokkaido area had a big earthquake. More than 17 people have killed by this earthquake. I have a colleague who came from that area where she has relatives, she said they are very uncomfortable and inconvenient with no electricity. Only fortunate this time was still warm recent days. They don’t need a heater or stove for cold weather right now, that’s only luck this time. Otherwise it’s in chaos now. If it was winter, more people would died, she said.

Japan lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire where a large chunk of Earth’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in a narrow zone around the Pacific Ocean known as the “Ring of Fire.”

Almost 1500 earthquakes occur a year in Japan, it’s almost three earthquakes a day. So it is not so rare thing. However, there are so many bizarre things happen such as powerful typhoons, gerilla storms, and like this earthquakes recently in Japan.

These are not happened coincidentally, it has some meanings, I think.These are warning or some message from God, because we live here as much as we want every day without thinking and appreciating to God, losing faith and awe in some invisible sacred existences. We became so arrogant without giving gratitude to God.

That’s why God gives us some opportunity to reflect our lives and appreciate what we are given by Him.

We Japanese are very humble beings but since we have lost the WWII, we have reduced our warship in Japanese Gods, Shintoism, also Buddhism.

To enhance our spiritual development, I definitely think that we need faith in God. That’s I thought from disasters these days.