Longer life

I met a guy who used be working at same section but he moved to the other company now. He looks very happy and energetic. His holding special certification on construction field provided him to work at another good company during the needs of Olympic construction. I indeed envy about his changing job at my age, because I don’t have such a certification. Reason why he moved to another job is his desire to work more years even after he retired. That job promises to work another twenty years or so.

Life is getting long. Just after WWII, average Japanese life length was only fifty years. Now women’s average length is over 87 years that is number two in the world. It is almost thirty seven years longer than one just we had 70 years ago.

At that time, we just needed to prepare 50 years life. Now we have to think much longer maybe up to 100 years life. At that age, once we retired from the first job then we just relax until die. But now after we retired, we have still another 30, 40 years. So we have to think about what we can do?

We have to redesign our life before we retired. For me it is too late to do it, but he did very well.

Living longer hours here on earth in this life provides us to learn more for our soul because revolution of age is radical, its speed is so fast that give us much more experiences than the one we used to have before. However, longer life gives us more pain physically and economically.

Whether you want or not, we have to live more. (Usually it is appreciated for most of people.) Our life span is getting longer and longer.

So we have to change our lifestyle to adjust longer life.