Naomi Osaka

Yesterday, I was walking around Ginza, where is one of very busy shopping area but for adults. It means in Tokyo, places are distinguished like Harajuku for high school students, Aoyama for university students, Akihabara for Otakus, and Ginza for adult.

Anyway while I was there, the guys are delivering newspaper extra telling about the win of US open, which is the one of grand slam of tennis tournaments. It was about Ms. Naomi Osaka defeated Ms. Serena Williams in the final of the US open women’s single tennis tournament.

I don’t know much about tennis, but it was the first time ever Japanese won in the four grand slam of tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, French Open, Australia Open and US Open.

Naomi, who I saw her on TV last night, has a Japanese mother and Haitian father, so she could speak awkward Japanese. She was raised in USA after her family moved at age when she was three.

Japanese TV and news are so overwhelming about this news that they reported when the guy received the newspapers extra, he said “I’m very happy to encounter this historical moment”.

Every news program reports her victory. It appropriates her victory because there are so many dismal affairs around Japan such as typhoons and earthquakes.

To encourage people, this kind of news is very necessary in Japan right now. When she was asked questions from Japanese reporters she answered in Japanese. That gave us a lot of hope and energy for our living.

Thanks Naomi and I wish she goes well in the next tournament and after that.

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