AI recipe

There are so many food programs in Japanese broadcasting. I personally don’t like to watch these TV shows because if I watched these food I want to eat them but I can’t. It gives me frustration, may be lack of imagination, that’s why I think so.

The other day I turned on TV it was food program was on the air. Usually I switch a channel soon, but I didn’t.

It was not the common food program. They were showing how to cook foods by using AI technology.

They input all the data of tastes and foods. Then AI chooses the very different combinations of dishes for example Okonomiyaki (one of Japanese foods) with French sauté.

The reporter ate that dish, he said “it is not good taste”. The chef said “Of course, we found that for Japanese people it is necessary to add “Umami”, which is a kind of typical Japanese taste. The recipe that the reporter ate was not added the “Umami” in the database.

The second dish was served to him and he said “good” because it was created by the recipe included “Umami”.

But the chef said if we rely everything on AI recipe, it would not be good for your health because AI uses so much artificial flavors to create “Umami” in its recipe.

I like technology. That always gives us a hope and future. It is very nice to use it in our life. It makes our life convenient. So I admire it.

However, it is not always good, sometimes it is not appropriate for our life if we use it wrongly.

The commentator of the program said that “To create a good taste takes long time. It is called “Jyukusei熟成” (matureness or ripeness) that creates Umami.

Human is same, we are never created by AI, but “jyukusei”. It takes a long time.

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