One of Disciplines

Today, I met a very beloved and used be well-known person in Japan. He came from Sri Lanka and his name is Wicky called “Wicky san” and loved by Japanese very much, but simultaneously he was the most feared person in Japan, also. Why?

It was in the morning, commute hour, he appeared randomly in Tokyo, and approached to business man and woman, then asked some question in English to them. It was on the air, so people were so feared him to encounter because we used to be very poor to speak in English, maybe still now.

The following is from Wikipedia about him. “Anton Wicky (アントン・ウィッキー) (born September 26, 1940) is an educator and celebrity in Japan. His full name is Anton Wicky Ampalavanar. He was born in Ceylon and went to Japan in 1961 as a Mombusho scholar. In 1969 he earned a doctorate from the University of Tokyo. His teaching career has included Ohu and Reitaku Universities.He began his Nippon Television show Wicky-san’s One-point English Conversation in 1979. It ran for fifteen years. The show began again in 2007. Since 2006, Wicky has appeared in commercials for Yellow Hat, a chain of automotive-supply retail stores.

He got old but his wit was very good, he was very funny still, again I loved him very much and took two shot with him.

In his speech he said he converted from Sri Lanka Buddhism to Japanese Buddhism with adding his joke.

Now we, Japanese have developed more English ability than before but still need more improvement especially both speaking and hearing to communicate with foreigners in the international society.

To learn language is one of hard disciplines for me.

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