“Money is Time”

These sentences are from a book called “Successful Mind”.

“Whether or not we become successful, we are given no more and no less than 24 hours in the day, and we were given this time to use freely for our success or for our failure.

God will never shout to ask from heaven about how we should use our time. We are not going to hear God telling us to stop wasting our time and encouraging us to work harder and study harder. God simply provides us 24 hours every day, and no less. He never suddenly changes it to 12 hours or five hours. Our task is to find the best way to use our time.

Intelligent people tend to give up easily, simply because they are too quick to make judgments. It is a shame that they do not make good judgments, for often they make that wrong premature judgment. As with the diamond miner, success will always evade us as long as we keep giving up and moving on to the next spot of land, believing that we will find the diamond layer more quickly by digging somewhere else.

For example some of us who are intelligent might find many sources of dissatisfaction as work as so might keep changing jobs. However, if we stick with one job for a little while longer, we might become experts. So many of us give up just inches before that opportunity comes, simply because we did not have enough perseverance.

I hope that everyone will understand and discover that value in the church, “Time is money.”this was one of them very small forms of enlightenment that I achieved during my younger years.

I describe I know the truth that I learned as a college student, “Money is time”. The words are reversed from the previous saying, “Time is money”. It conveys the truth that the certain amount of money can buy you time. Money can effectively help you use time more efficiently and may even speed up your success.”

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