“Guerrilla Rain”

While the east coast of the US had the large hurricane that damaged so much in those area, in Japan, we have had fierce rain called “Guerrilla Rain” this year, too. It brings more than 80mm (approximately 31 inches) of rain per an hour sometimes.

Last night in some ward of Tokyo got more than 80mm rain. It is like rain that a bucket was overturned. It is a short period of rain like squall, but it causes some big problems on our commute at returning home.

Last night, it appeared several places in Tokyo and the northern part of Tokyo.

At some train station, rain falled severely from the hole of the roof.

It is so fierce that an umbrella is not useful, people stayed for a while under some roof.

I have had this short strong storm when I was walking before. I felt that it was like walking under a waterfall. My clothes were totally wet into pants. The subway entrance was so severe. Water came down from its entrance to the downstairs. It was completely like a river.

We have never had this kind of rain before when I was young. Of course we have had squalls in the summer time in Tokyo area, but it was not like this. Thunder and rain were mixed up but amount of rain was not so much.

Recently it seems a guarrilla rain have been more often than a couple of years ago.

I think this kind of rain is a song from heaven, because I have heard the gods of Shintoism use rain and storm.

I assume that they are upsetting about our lack of faith these days.

We have to regain it again in Japan.

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