Japanese Classical Dance

I had a chance to visit to the National Theater in Tokyo to watch a classical Japanese dance. It was the first time to visit there and watch such a Japanese dance although I have watched it on TV usually at the beginning of the year, but I have never watched a live dance in a theater.

It is so traditional that it is indeed boring for me because I don’t have any knowledge on such a classical dance.

Audiences were almost elderly people. I’m not so young anymore, however I was youngest.

To tell the truth I couldn’t enjoy it at all though some audiences called the names of dancers periodically.

I think that even my age people don’t enjoy this kind of Japanese traditional dances, there is a high chance that young people do not like them at all.

That means we are losing this kind of tradition.

Japanese history is one of the oldest in the world so that we have to keep it and hand it down from generation to generation because it is a national culture and our heritage.

Our life is changing day by day. People’s tastes are changing also. In these circumstances keeping and preserving the traditions are very hard nowadays.

How could we do it? I don’t know it at all. Maybe it is natural that we are losing tradition also own culture, that is not avoidable. A new culture is born by a culture mixed up with an old one and a new one.

Even that is the fact, I hope we can keep our culture as long as we can.

Changing and evolving is good but preserving the old style is also good for me.

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