From “the Laws of Wisdom”

These sentences below are the some parts from the book entitled “The Laws of Wisdom”.

“The first thing I want to ask of you is to be humble as human beings people in this modern age know way more than those who live in the past. Research is being undertaken in various fields, and has come as far as what is called “the domain of God”. But you must know that, at the same time, people are also losing sight of something important.

Therefor, I want future leaders to be able to listen to the voice of Heaven open-heartedly and strive to realize Heaven’s desires here on earth. To put it another way, this effort is to “explore the right mind”, and “establish the right mind”.

It is a simple fact that, in order for humans to achieve success, become happy and prosper in this word, they need to preserve and make effort’s. I want to confirm this very simple truth once again.

So please do not feel regret not having enough ability or that you are not brimming with talent. In fact, this shows the expectations have been placed on you for you to increase your soul’s capacity and develop, in this lifetime, here on earth. It is also a chance for you.

But now, I tell you on behalf of all the guiding spirits in the heavenly world, that those in the heavenly world do not only wish for all your wishes to come true immediately. They wish from the bottom of their hearts for you to continue to preserve and make efforts for you through a number of decades in this world. They wish for you to build on your achievements and walk the path to success, while continuing to refine your soul.”

Lifespan is longer

Our life span is getting longer and longer now especially Japanese people.

This is the statics that the average lifespan of Japanese man is 81.09 years old, which is number 3 in the world. Number one is Hong Kong.

Japanese woman’s one is 87.26 years old, which is number 2 in the world. Number one is also Hong Kong.

Why are they such a long? One of the reason is food. We are like herbivore.

It is said that In Japan, there is a unique food culture -“Japan food.” It is considered the “lack of fat” which is a characteristic of Japan food. Compared to the world’s most developed countries, Japan diet has very little fat intake.

In addition, there is a feature that there are a lot of “grain intake” and fish intake centering on rice. Also, tofu, natto, miso, and other “soybean products” are often ingested, which can be said to these foods prevent to become arteriosclerosis.

Japanese cuisine is a Japan traditional food culture, and the nutritional balance is very good because the fresh ingredients are cooked in a variety of ways while taking advantage of the taste of the material itself, based on soup Japan.

Another reason must be a medical system.

The health care system is enriched. Japan has several social insurances (medical insurance, pension insurance, worker’s insurance, employment insurance, and care insurance). Although it is compulsory to enroll in these, it is called “the National Health Insurance system”. By having a social insurance policy, it is a system which guarantees it in the case of sickness, an injury, hospitalization.