“Bachelor” Show

When I was in the US I had watched the TV program called “Bachelor” a few times. I was not so much involved in that show.

Now in Japan TV productions imported that concert then they make exactly same shows. During I was accessing some site in YouTube the other day, I got an eye catch in some advertisement so I clicked. That was a “Bachelor” of Japanese version. It was actually high school boys and girls went to some Vietnam resort to spend three days there to find out a best boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shamefully, I was so attracted in this show that I had watched all episodes except the last one that was not uploaded.

Actually the last one was coming on air in same day at night. It was free to watch at an live but if you missed it, you have to pay a monthly fee. So that was a catch.

Why was it so interested in? That’s because it was so fun to watch young people’s fragile emotions. They tend to change a lot.

It used to be that Japanese guys are so restricted and stubborn, but now some guys are called “Soshokukei” that means herbivore. They are so mild like a rabbit or squirrel. They don’t have Japanese Samurai soul.

The guy who attracted three girls never fixed his mind until they the end. Conversely girls were more like constant. They were more brave than guys generally.

Everything is changing and transient, nothing stays the same, that is the one of Buddhist concepts: all things are impermanence. Japan is not an exception, we are all changing, however, it is very shameful to lose the things that were simbols and identities of Japanese.

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