Bodhisattva – Kirin Kiki

Two weeks ago, a Japanese famous actress died. Her name is Kirin Kiki, who was very bizarre actress but loved by everyone. She was 75 years old.

She was not a beautiful type of actress but very unique and acting was very superior. There were so many episodes that were told about her. One of them was some reporter met her in the Japanese “Grammy Awards”. He found she was wearing not so rich tie, then he said “Your tie is not like a brand tie.” She answered “Yes, I bought this at the second-hand shop by hundred yen”, which is one dollar.

After that she had wear that tie in the ceremony. The reporter asked again “You still wear the tie, why?” “Because you game me a good score on the tie”, she answered. She was such a human interest person.

The other well-known episode was that she married with a rocknroller who is also so unique, but they had lived separately after one year half later they married until she died.

However, she was religious person, she involved in some religions organization. The master of that organization put her actresses name. She had had faith in God.

According the spiritual reading done by Master Okawa, who has the most powerful psychic power found that she was equivalent to be a bosatsu (bodhisattva) who is a person in seventh dimensional world and living with altruism.

Her acting was loved by everyone because she had acted with love and compassion to entertain and encourage everyone as a roll of bodhisattva.

Forever Kirin Kiki.