Learn from “Nitori”

In today’s news, Nitori, which is a Japanese giant furniture company like “IKEA” that exists in Japan also, have made the most profit ever.

According to the Nikkei news, “Nitori HD net profit increased up to 8% in bedding and sleeping goods. September 26, 2018 at 20:30 the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2018 were 37.9 billion yen, up 8% from the previous year. It exceeded the conventional forecast (35.6 billion yen of 2% increase), and updated the highest for seven consecutive years as this period including bedding and sleeping items.”

Japanese economy has been getting better and better by the influence of the good economy of the US.

However, still we are in deflation, may be out of there already, but actual feeling temperature is still not hot and not even warm. In spite of that kind of situation, to make best profit ever is not easy at all. I think the head of its company, Mr. Nitori is a very positive person who never make excuses rather he leverages the negative elements to brofits.

I thought that it used to be that I am a very positive person, but recently i found that I was making excuses for the reason I cannot when I reflect my mind deeply and checked my thinking carefully. It was a kind of shock for me but reality is not ideal. I was making some excuse or trying to do it unconsciously.

It is much easier to think of the reason I cannot do than to think the way how I can do it.

People tend to go easier direction. So I am.

To succeed the business or any other matters, of course, making efforts is very necessary but also to have time to think and think positively is the key to success.

How can I do it? Always think like that. That’s what I need now.

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