Building Future with Wisdom

These sentences below are the some part of the book entitled “The Laws of Wisdom”.

“On a global scale, there are major issues. There are issues involving war and peace, and also issues involving the relationship between peace and prosperity. These are all big, big issues that the single individual cannot deal with. However, what we must be careful about now is this, we must prevent a dictator or tyrant from emerging and reading many people in the wrong direction, in a world where the population headed toward seven billion.

In order to this, as I have just said, effort, discipline, and perseverance, as well as an attitude of continually learning, required on the part of each and every person who is independent. A country that has produced a lot of these sorts of people will protect the word.

Should an ambitious country rise up, it is important to teach its people properly what the right way is. If you, yourself are practicing this, you can teach it to others.

Any abuse and criticism thrown at people who have a peaceful mind and live every day persevering and making efforts will be reflected back at those who fired those words.

The Truth is a mirror. The one in the mirror is not someone else. It is you, yourself, and your own country.

The righteous! The righteous must be strong, The righteous must be good, The righteous must prosper. Build a peaceful future in the midst of prosperity. I have high hopes for you. Let us work together and construct our new future age.”

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