Idea Comes from Positive Attitude

These sentences below are the some parts from the book entitled “The Laws of Wisdom”.

Basically it is important to be positive. If you want to do a rich your ideas, it is no good starting off with attitude I can’t do it. Basically it is important to acquire the habit of thinking about how you can get things done.

It is important to have a mindset of thinking positively, of thinking of how you can somehow achieve your goal, instead of having the reactive habit of quickly saying, “No, it is not possible”. If you think that you have a strong tendency to be negative, you need to do deliberately make an effort to change this attitude.

Ideas will not arise if you are negative. There will be a blockage of ideas, so you need to think about things positively. Please think in affirming way, and consider positively and constructively whether there is something useful that you can do.

In order to reach out of state where you are always thinking about something with that your realising it, you needed to train yourself to a think, and to do this you need the seeds and materials for thinking. In other words, thought training and materials for thought are needed.

In some ways, happiness is not the same as good luck. When good luck comes your way after you have worked to create the capacity to receive it, it adds to and manifests as your actual competence.

What it is that I simply continue to do? One thing is that I am constantly making an effort to expand the scope of my interests. As well as that, I am always interested in new things.

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