Top Ten best Meditation Spots in Tokyo – 1

Ten Best Spots For Meditation & Relaxing In Tokyo

I am trying to introduce “the ten best meditation & relaxing places in Tokyo”.

Now I am on the way to one of these places, the Meiji Shrine, which is located in Shibuya-Harajuku district and is dedicated to the deified spirits of has Meiji emperor who has opened Japanese civilizations.

It is one of the biggest shrines in Tokyo so you can walk one station length from Harajuku station to Yoyogi station, it takes about half one hour even if you don’t stop by some places like hashing hands cottage or rest room. Population of foreigners are very high inside the shrine, roughly more than fifty percent are not Japanese. I was asked to take pictures from one of them. Actually the couple asked old Japanese lady so she was afraid of doing it because she is not able to communicate with them instead of he I did it.

It is surrounded by big and tall trees so every paths are dim. It is good for walking meditation but in some place crows are noisy.

After you visit there you can walk to Shinjuku Gyoen for another best point of meditation. It is only five minutes or so from Yoyogi station to reach edge of the place. However, entrance is far from there taking another five or ten minutes. So if you don’t want to walk, you had better to take train to Sendagi station.

The entrance fee is only 200 yen so it is very reasonable. It is much quieter than the Meiji Shrine. So if you want to meditate quietly alone, it is a place. But also I recommend there to date if you have a candidate. It provides you a closer relationships. Actually it was the first time to visit here, I loved here very much. Only thing that is con is gates are closed at 4:30 pm, it too early for summer, not only that you better hurry to get out quickly because it takes at least five minutes to walk to any gates. Otherwise you have to stay there until the next morning. I could go around only half place in less than one hour. You can enjoy here at least half day. You can see pictures in the “Meditation” site.

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