A Shrine Changed Its Name

Today’s topic is changing name, but not human’s one. It is a shrine.

It was found that the name “Inari shrine” in Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture, which is gaining popularity in the scenery lined with torii faces the sea of Japan, will be changed to “Yuan-no-nook shrine” in January next year. The Shrine’s name is long for foreigners, and foreign tourists who have been increasing rapidly in recent years have considered it difficult to remember.

The shrine was founded in 1955 with a red torii on the quay, 123 groups, and the news agency CNN web featured United States in March 2015, it has been chosen “the 31 most beautiful places in the Japan” by a surge in the wake of the news.
Fifteen years ago it was about 75000 visitors, then seventeen years passed it become up to about 1,083,000 people. The number of foreigner’s visits has increased dramatically, and it confirmed that there were twenty different countries coins and bills were found in the offering box. Raiki Okamura (70), who is the lord of the Shrine, came up with shortening the name of the Shrine by the oracle. He said, “I heard God’s word in the fortune and decided the names.”

The poster that informs the renaming of name are stixed in the precincts, and the notation of the new name such as “Yuan-no-nook shrine” has already replaced to the new one. Mr. Okamura said, “I think it will be foreign people friendly. The scenery and grace are not changed, so I want you to visit as well as before, “he said.

What do you think? There are so many different opinions and thinkinga around and there is no right answer existed.

But my straight feeling is I don’t like it. Old fashion is not accepted in these days, however, I think there are two things: one is you can change, another one is you should change.

Anyway it became a news, so it must be controversial issue also.

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