Alien Spiritual Reading 2

The following is the Alien Spiritual Reading done by Master Okawa.

Professor Hawking’s Alien Soul:

Well, I have a feeling I did flee to start with. He is so strong. It is very strong.I fled because I didn’t want to be eaten by them. Oh, I see it now. That’s bullet train like thing was carrying the fellow escapes.

We escaped to avoid being turned into food. They are so strong.

MC: Can you remember the name of your home planet?

Professor Hawking’s Alien Soul:

It’s Centaurus Minor. I was a teacher. I used to teach mathematics. I was a mathematics teacher. But something came to invade our planet. The attack was so strong that no one could resist, so everyone fled. And I was one of those who fled to Earth.

After that I was called from Dogon because they wanted to me to teach them mathematics.

Whole earth, they will rather need to begin by depriving Earth of its fighting capability. Hence, they will start by simultaneously destroying the political information system as well as the military chain of command of the world’s major countries. Humankind will commence war between nations. One of them will be centered on Israel. Another will be waged by China. America will be involved with both. India will also wage a war, India and Pakistan. I see Pakistan becoming sandwiched between India and China, and struggle.

Additionally, I think the new “Napoleon” will appear in Africa. A person who is aim is to unite Africa will appear, and there will be a war.

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