Alien Spiritual Reading 3

The following is the alien spiritual reading done by Master Okawa.

MC: on the other hand, I have heard that there is something like Galactic Federation who are Interplanetary Federation, that the good aliens will protect the earth.

Minor Centaurian (Hawking’s alien soul): Oh, They are weak. Very weak. Extremely weak.

Yes, because they have somewhere to flee. Earthlings cannot escape, but they can. This is why earthlings need to build a rocket as soon as possible and develop new “Noah’s Ark” so that they will be able to escape. People on earth must try their best to make this a reality, so that they will be able to escape to the planets of Galactic Federation.

Earth population will soon reach 10 billion, according to “the agreement of space” it wouldn’t matter if this fell to around 1 billion. The rule is that we must retain 10th of the population. It is for a reservation of the species. In other words, the rule says, you can occupy, but you should let 10th of the population be leftover or let them get away. You must not defeat them completely, because the race will be annihilated.

Well, like I have mentioned previously, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed on the west Indies, the aliens will do as they please. The whole of America could be bought for $50. Even the US military will not be strong enough.

It looks like many have been inspired to make movies about aliens these days, but in reality it would only take them about the week to occupy earth.

Nuclear weapons are useless against space aliens, completely useless. Nuclear weapons are all controlled by electrical systems. The aliens are able to a completely destroy electrical systems, and it will only take them an instant to destroy all command systems. Hence, nuclear weapons will have no effect whatsoever. And jet fighters will also fall. It is utterly futile.

photo of galaxy
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