What kind of types of aliens? 1

A. Vega

I can do various things uniformly

I am good at fitting anyone.

I can listen at any talk seriously.

I am attracted by the word of “Healing”

I am good at singing song and dancing.

I am not against other people.


B. Ummo

I am timid.

I am apologize easily.

I like to please people.

I have been stung by a bee.

I am a propensity of anxiety.

I am a tendency of self-sacrificing.

I think I am very unique.


C. Mars

I don’t mind about other people around me.

I want to get many things.

I am interested in beautiful buildings.

I stick on the goods or material of series that I have once had an interest.

I stick on the layout that I really like.

I am interested in the things that have never exist.

I can see the good and bad part clearly.


Type A space people

A Vegan who gives a bliss by love and harmony

A character is very calm through conducting by thinking other people with a power of harmony and healing. Also she also desires a peace by giving a bliss to others. She or he can adjust any situations by allowing the diversity with tolerance and a power of capacity. She is often asked advices.


It is often said that it is comfortable to be with her or him. She or he can be loved by others. Please do not be defeated whenever you have a adversity or difficult moment. There are many people who can support you. You will become a person who can understand other people through these moments.



*Do you often not saying what you should do to others?


Type B space people

A Ummo who is very devoted to others and live for others

He or she is a devotion type and loves a peace very much, on the hand, very cowardice having a fear and anxiety by looking around others. Also he is masochistic but not change his attitude.


You always act concerning about others than yours so that you can build your own warm and important place.



*Are you too kind for other people to make them not progress?

*You should believe yourself when you wondered opinions of people around you.


Type C space people


An octopus type martian who is artistic and penetrate self

He or she is very unique and artistic to place an importance on his sense. He doesn’t care about human relationships. His curiosity is vigorous, also stiffness and unusual. He buys everything he wants if it is too expensive because he penetrates in every area he likes.


You have an incredible power to sense and susceptibility to pursue the important things so that if you have a particular area that you like, try to develop it then you can find your talent in that area.



Do you try to feel that other people want to do in the communication?


*You should learn from other people’s attitude because without their existence, your progress and happiness will be limited.

sky space dark galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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