What kind of types of aliens? 2

D. Pleiades

I am interested in the artistic things.

I am often told that I have a good sense of art.

I long for a hero.

I have many experiences that I achieved what I strongly desired.

I am strongly interested in beauty.

I am very strongly motivated.

I always delve into one thing.


E. Reptarian

I think that we should have a big dream.

We should decide black or white, I don’t like gray.

I am good at mathematics.

I like to win through a battle.

I always do thoroughly whatever I do.

I like action movies.

I don’t hesitate.

F. Gray

I think I can read what other people think.

I do a job collectly.

I don’t refuse what I am asked from other people.

I like a clerical work.

I like to do what I am asked.

I don’t like to be attention.

I can do almost everything based on the past experiences.


G. Centaur alpha

I am a science type.

I am not so much interested in art.

I like to study.

I have a exploring mind.

I prefer a practical than beautiful thing.

I am interested in a scientific area.

I think I am clever than ordinary people.



Type D space people


Pleiades who loves the beauty and shine herself in the seeking her progress.

She or he always pursues the beauty and is bright and pure by her idea that living for others is beauty itself. She can attract good things by her thoughts. She has a beauty mind and longs to beautiful things by distinguishing the essence and thinking that human beings are naturally righteous existence.


You can be a person who shines other people by spreading your lights with naturally possessing talent of ambition and pureness.



*You should conduct what you think is right even it is different from others by allowing yourself to see results in the flow of time.

*Can you see other people’s smiling faces in your dream? Reflect yourself on the supports that you have been given then give them your gratitude.


Type E space people


Reptarian who pursue progress having strength hiding inside.

He or she is positive, voluntary, competitive, decisive, and has his own ideals, the mind that correct evils, desire to be promoted to become the head, like grand things, and doesn’t like to be lose.


He or she is always pursue results and fruits by holding ideals than any other people so that he or she can provide progress on his group also himself due to his ability that can distinguish pro and cons.



*Are your ideals from the mind that you want be admired and admitted from other people?

*Do you express words that hurt others unconsciously?


Type F space people

Gray who is relied on others with his or her preciousness on jobs and obedience


He or she is skillful, devotive, an easy touch, be good with details, devotive but self-destructive, also has the strong sense of responsibility, sense of respect, ability of concentrate, keeping time by supporting others in the back and making efforts in the behind.


Your works provide other people’s power. You are very kind and have potential for others so that don’t forget to please yourself sometimes.



*Do you accept much works without paying attention of your strength of physical and mental power.

*Do you have a mind that you deny your dream or possibilities?


Type G space people

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