Need to Change for Foreign Workers in Japan

The followings are reported in a Japanese newspaper about foreigners working in Japan.

There are some young people who come from abroad to work as foreign students and technical interns. These people has been increasing but also sad stories are increasing. These are young foreigners commit suicide due to a hard work and economically harsh conditions.

The mortuary of such Viet Nam young people is increasing to the temple where there are Viet Nam nuns in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Experts complain that foreigners need to improve their working environment and support their lives. “Nisshin Cave” is a temple in Minato-ku, Tokyo, on its shelf, a brand new mortuary written in the Vietnamese is lined up tightly. Eighty one pillars from 2012 to the end of July this year are placed there. According to the nun Tick Tam Qi (40), many of them are technical interns and foreign students in their twenties and thirties. Four young people were killed by themselves in July this year.

Three were trainees, one was an international student, due to suddenly death or suicide. A twenty-five-year-old skilled intern who committed suicide on July 15 left a note to the company, his brother in Japan, and his family in Vietnam. It was spelled that “It was painful because there were violence and bullying” while he was at the work related to the painting job.

His brother in Japan got a call from him saying “I am very lonely, I am drinking beer by myself”. The next day, I found him hanging out by riverside.

It is very sad story. I have worked abroad for about seven years when I was a single. I was lonely and no relatives there. But fortunately, there were no bullying and economic difficulties.

Now Japan is accepting many foreigners as students and technical interns. Most of them are very poor and in the difficult conditions.

Through this opportunity, we have to change this environment. To give good conditions for them is a responsibility for Japan and is.

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