The Principle of Wisdom

The followings are the sentences from the book entitled “The Science of Happiness” by Master Okawa.


The second principle of happiness is wisdom. As I mentioned before, it is important to have a correct knowledge of spiritual Truth. Without this knowledge of Truth, human beings cannot be free in the truest sense. I feel truly free because I am confident in my correct knowledge of the Truth. Some religions don’t understand this concept. Take, for example, Christian missionaries who come to Japan. In their zeal to convert and save people, they insist,“You must throw away your Buddhist altar and convert to Christianity. You cannot enter heaven unless you abandon Buddhism.“These missionaries may be pure in heart and dedicated, but they are unaware of the truth. They believe that unless people abandon their faith in “heretical” Buddhism, they cannot go to heaven. They feel relieved to see people converting to Christianity, confident that they now will be able to enter heaven.

High spirits in heaven feel unhappy when they see this. Many dedicated religious people believe that only their particular brand of religion can save people, because they don’t know that Truth can also be found in other religions. Such confusion is very sad. To avoid this, you need to have correct knowledge of the Truth. This is the real meaning of the phrase “The Truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

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