The Principle of Self-reflection

The followings are from the book entitled “The Principle of Happiness.

The third principle of happiness is self-reflection, which is closely related to the cultivation of Right Mind. We are essentially all children of God with brilliantly shining souls. However, just as a diamond accumulates dirt if it is neglected, our souls inevitably collect dust and grime as we live in this world. Our life mission is to refine the soul.

Of course, there may be help from an outside power; it’s like getting help from a specialist, and sometimes we need that help. But instead of doing nothing while waiting for help, we need to get busy polishing our own diamond. If we do not refine ourselves, what is the meaning of practicing spirituality?

During the course of your life, mistakes sometimes occur. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, who can correct it except you? Although someone else could wash your body, only you can your body, only you can cleanse your soul. Self-Reflection is based on personal power; it helps us to see what needs to be polished. Start by reflecting on your past thoughts and deeds. There’s no point in gold plating rusty metal. If there is rust beneath, the shiny surface will soon peel away.

The teaching of self-reflection is the path to the level of Arhat, the upper realm of the sixth dimension. Arhat is the preparatory stage for becoming an angel of light, a Bodhisattva. Before entering this gateway to the level of Bodhisattva, it is essential to follow the path of self reflection. You must endeavor to remove the “rust” from your mind, allowing a spiritual aura, or halo, to emanate from you. Aim first for the level of Arhat, a level we all can reach in this lifetime. Although everyone has accumulated karma, or rust on the soul from past incarnations, and although we are all going through different stages of spiritual development, everyone – without exception – can attain the level of Arhat. It is much more difficult to advance to the stages beyond this, but through spiritual refinement you will cerrainly be able to develop a spiritual aura and become an Arhat. This is the true purpose of practicing self-reflection. If we produce one thousand Arhats in every country, their work as politicians, teachers, and business leaders will exert a great influence on the people around them, and society will eventually change. One Arhat can influence fifty or even a hundred people, so if there are one thousand Arhats, about one hundred people will gradually change, and those one hundred thousand people will gradually change, and those one hundred thousand will change another million, and so on. I believe this is the right way to spread the Truth.

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