The Stages of Love from “The Laws of the Sun”

The Laws of the Sun / THREE: THE RIVER OF GOD’S LOVE / 6. The Stages of Love

The Stages of Love

Now that we know that real love gives unconditionally, never expecting a reward, we need to learn more about the various stages of love’s development, which are not widely understood.

The first stage is fundamental love, which is a basic form of “love that gives.” This is the love between family members or friends, a type of love with which we are all very familiar. It is the love of a parent for a child, a child for his or her parents, a man for a woman, a woman for a man, one friend or neighbor for another. In its broadest form, fundamental love includes the love we have for the community and the society as a whole.

Fundamental love is something that people feel naturally, which is why it is the basis of all stages of love. We were all born with the ability to give fundamental love, and we intrinsically know how wonderful this form of love is; we inherently experience happiness through acts of giving love. Yet, though we might understand this fundamental and most common form of love, putting it into practice is a different matter and can sometimes be difficult, as we know from our own experiences.

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