Practice giving love instead of taking

“Practice giving love instead of taking” from “The Laws of the Sun”

As the first principle, I put forward the Principle of Love. There are various ways of structuring the Principles of Happiness, but I consider it important that the Dharma-gate or entrance to the teachings should be as broad as possible. The first principle should be wide-reaching, making it possible for anyone to participate, so the Principle of Love is ideal.

A complicated argument in achieving enlightenment can be beneficial in helping someone who is intellectually inclined, but not everyone has the necessary background to understand this sort of discussion. Moreover, people who are suffering, trapped in whirlpools of worry, do not think in a rational way. They are usually suffering as a result of emotions, because most worries consist of emotional pain. So to create a principle common to all the peoples of the world as the Dharma-gate to our teachings, the teaching of love is best. It is the broadest and the easiest to enter by, but it does not in any way lower the level of the practice. The Principle of Love is a Dharma-gate that all can enter by but none can master.

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