Practice giving love instead of taking 2 from “The Laws of Happiness”

“There are many things that need to be taught about the Principle of Love. Firstly, I would like to offer the following words to open your eyes to enlightenment: “Are you sure you are not taking love when you think of loving someone? Are you sure that you do not consider love to be something you receive from others, or something you crave from others? That is not true love. It is because you think about receiving or taking that you are suffering.”

In ancient Buddhism, this was what was called “love,” love as an attachment. In the early days of Buddhism, attachment was referred to as “love,” whereas the true love, the giving love that I teach, was known as “compassion.” The love I teach is not attachment; it is compassion. Compassion means giving without looking for anything in return; compassion is the heart that only gives.

I refer to this as “giving love” because it is easier to understand in worldly terms. I could simply have called it “compassion,” but this is rather an old-fashioned word that modern people might find difficult to understand. So I translated it into the modern vernacular as “giving love,” something that even an elementary or junior high school student has no trouble comprehending.

When people think of “love,” in most cases they think of being loved by a man or a woman they like, or by their parents or children. In other words, they think of receiving love. When they do not receive sufficient love, they suffer. This kind of thinking is something that they have to change. If everyone wants to receive love and no one is left to give it, this will lead to a worldwide shortage of love. It is important first to supply love. If everyone supplies love, then the world will be filled with love. You need to stop thinking only of what you can take or get.”

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