Practice giving love instead of taking 3 from “The Laws of Happiness”

“A society that is lacking love, a society that is based on an attitude that love means receiving is like a world full of invalids, all lying in bed, receiving treatment and saying, “It hurts here and here. Give me more medicine! Make me feel better!” If everyone behaves like this, it will cause problems; more doctors, more nurses, more medicine will be needed. This is why you should try and give love wherever you can. Do things for others. Before demanding happiness for yourself, try bringing happiness to others. If more people were to do this, worry would quite naturally vanish from this world.

Nearly all your pain comes from attachment. Attachment is the pain of wanting others to do certain things but finding they will not. This is known in Buddhism as the pain of not getting what you want. It is part of the teaching on pain that Shakyamuni Buddha gave when he taught that there are things in this world that remain unattainable, no matter how much you crave them.

If all everyone ever said was, “I want this but no one will do it for me,” there would not be a single happy person in the entire world. You need to start by doing what you can. Practice giving love and you will find that a path will open for you. People who practice giving love have already taken the first step toward happiness. Every day will be enjoyable, and seeing the joy of others will bring pleasure. If you can find happiness in seeing other people’s delight, seeing others achieve happiness, then you have already taken the first step to heaven. People who can do this will find that after they die, they will go to heaven.

People who feel envious or jealous when they see the happiness of others are a long way from this state. If they think only of their own happiness and do not want others to be happy, or perhaps even want others to be unhappy, it means that their heart is in darkness. Being able to experience joy at the happiness of others is a prerequisite for entering heaven. If you have mastered the Principle of Love, the first step, this alone is enough to open the gateway to heaven before you. Although it may seem simple, it is really a very deep subject.”

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