About Love from “The Laws of The Sun”

2. Love that Gives

As I continued to reflect upon this phrase, I gradually came to realize that the three factors-loving, nurturing, and forgiving- all indicated a certain direction.To love people, to nurture them, and to forgive them all represented a positive approach toward relationships, without thinking of any return for oneself. In other words, they represented a form of altruism.

However, at the time when I received the key phrase in 1981, I was only twenty-four years old and my natural tendencies were quite the opposite. I wanted to be loved, nurtured, and forgiven. All I desired was that other people love me, were kind to me, and praised me. I longed to hear people say how much they admired me, I needed it so badly it hurt. However, these three words urged me to make a complete, one-hundred-and- eighty-degree change of perspective.

1. Refer to Chapter 3,“The River of Love,” in The Laws of the Sun, by Ryuho Okawa, Lantern Books (2001).

I must admit, I did ask myself what I could possibly hope to gain from doing this. On the other hand, I saw so much evil and contradiction in the world that I did not know where to begin forgiving. I was filled with moral indignation; I could not find it within me to forgive the world as it was, and felt an overwhelming desire to judge it. However, from about six months before I came into contact with the phrase, “Love, Nurture, and Forgive,” I began to have plenty of opportunities to look back over my life. Faced with difficulties and worries, I became very introspective.

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