2. The Benefits of Enlightenment from “The Laws of the Sun”

2. The Benefits of Enlightenment

What is the purpose of humankind’s search for enlightenment? What could be gained from attaining an enlightened state? To answer these questions, we must first consider our true purpose and mission in life, beginning with the reason human beings are born into this world to dwell in physical bodies.

Before you were born, you were a spirit in Heaven with the freedom to live as you pleased. In Heaven, you don’t need food or drink. You don’t have to earn a living. You don’t need to spend nine months in a mother’s womb, or weep with hunger and frustration as an infant and child. You don’t have to fight with your parents or be distressed by the sexual issues of adolescence. You don’t have to struggle financially or have the disheartening experience of working for someone you don’t like or respect. You don’t have to suffer from separation from your loved ones, or from illness, or from the indignities, aches, and pains of growing old. You don’t have to experience being abandoned by your children or grandchildren. You don’t have to go through the grief of losing your spouse or the fear of your own death. In Heaven, you don’t have to endure any of the suffering that is inescapable here on Earth.

Heaven is a world where we can see into one another’s minds as if they were the clearest glass. Those whose thoughts do not promote harmony cannot stay in that world, which means that in Heaven, you only meet people who deeply understand and care for you, and about whom you feel the same way. Heaven is a utopia where every resident has achieved at least a basic level of enlightenment: they realize that they should love and help each other.

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